If you have been blessed by this ministry send your testimonies because it is the will of GOD.


Dear Pastor John Zavlaris,

I want to share my testimony. I have been struggling a lot to finish school and get my diploma. Since young I was a bright student. Unfortunately, I never finished school because of a lot of reasons. There has always been negative when I was trying to finish my school year and to pass over to the next year. At the edge of my breakthrough there has always been discouragement, failure, disappointments and delay. 

I had to get my diploma in 2017 but was delayed. My exam teacher was always sick when I needed them. Or something happend with my exam material. And my teacher did not want to sign my exams. I was always blocked and had to work very very hard to go forward. But glory be to God. 

After I came from Holland to visit your Prayer Line, two amazing things happened on the same day, I received my diploma and also my work certificate of consumer law !

When Jesus says "yes", who can say "no". Jesus has the final say. I thank you for your prayers. May God almighty strengthen you and abound you with grace for every good deed, Amen.

All the honour and glory belongs to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Alexandra B.

Dear Father John,
I live in Australia and have watched healing and deliverance accidentally today through your YouTube Channel (
I am Amazed and fully blessed by what I see. I am a Christian and it's too difficult to draw my family to Christ. I believe my family has lots of strongholds and bondages like what I've seen in your ministry. Thank you so much! Through your YouTube videos, I have learned to pray differently and I also realized that God is able to free the many strongholds of my family. My Blessings to you for the great work you do for the Lord.  
Jenine B.

Hi Papa John,
I am an Eritrean living in Switzerland and since I do not have a passport to come to your Prayer Line in USA I sent you my photo to pray over. I was struggling with attacks from a spiritual husband, but thank you, after you prayed, now I am free from spirtual husband . I am happy and I give thanks to Gd for my freedom.

Jennifer M.

Dear Apostle John,
I came to your Prayer Line desperately needing deliverance and healing from heavy bleeding that had been going on for one month. Praise God, after my deliverance, my bleeding stopped completely. I came back home and I am very happy, no more hopelessness. Before coming to NJ, I couldn't do anything. My husband had to take care of our young children. But since I came home, I am very happy and have my strength back. I have to say that what I saw in you, I've never seen in my life. 
Apostle John, you are real - a real man of God. I am going to save my money to be able to come back to the Prayer Line and give my testimony.
I am so thankful to the Lord for leading me to you to receive my healing and deliverance. I had been trying for one and a half years to come from Oregon to New Jersey. The enemy set up so many obstacles but I didn't give up. I plan to start sending others to you so they can also receive their blessing. 
Thank you, man of God for all you do to help set the captives free.

Mary H.

Hello Apostle John, my name is Georgia, I want to tell you what Jesus did for me today by delivering me. I thank my Jesus Christ, He's the head of my life. I give Him all the Glory, all the Praise belongs to Him. I just want to say thank you for the deliverances today for me, my daughter, my brother and sister in Christ. I thank you, I thank you. God bless you and your ministry in Jesus Name.

Dear Saints,
this is Shawn W. from Minnesota. Apostle John and the ministry have been praying for me regarding my evil family members and my current job situation that started an investigation. I believe I was targeted to be fired at the order of these family members. I remain prayerful, there is still some conflict, but I have to inform you the two supervisors who planned to have me fired have been removed from their positions. Praise the Lord. I tear up as I text this. But I thank God for looking on me and my daughter with this alone. I have reminded God of His promise. . .I had to give this testimony.
I am very grateful. I really am.

A woman who traveled to our Prayer Line from Queens, NY sent this testimony; "When I came to your Prayer Line, I was living in a homeless shelter. I had been a successful Real Estate Broker, but I lost everything, my home, family and all my money. But, from the time you prayed for me, Apostle John, my life changed completely. When you began to pray for me, you told me to hold my hands up. I felt myself taking my rings off and I immediately felt light. I left your Prayer Line knowing my life was changed. After I came home, my mother, who I hadn't heard from in 15 years contacted me and reestablished a relationship with me. I learned, when I was homeless, that in order to see God, He takes away material stuff. I was left with only my Bible. I had to find HIM and I did. The trials are to change our life. I give thanks to the Lord for His provisions and for using you, Apostle John, to bring me freedom and give me a new beginning in my life. "

Jenine G.

Dear Apostle John,

I hope you are well. I have waited to send you this email to thank you because I have noticed a big change in my husband and I even wanted to wait longer to make sure that I was seeing some “real” changes but I also don’t want to wait eternally before I get a chance to thank you for praying for my husband, and to praise the Lord for my prayers being answered.
I saw you in my dream five days ago and the day after that I started to see some changes in my husband. Our marriage is improving, we are communicating more and more and getting closer everyday. There is Joy in our home. I trust that he will also one day receive Jesus as his personal Savior and raise his two beautiful children to become servants of the Lord Almighty.
May the Lord bless you abundantly Apostle John.

In Christ Jesus,

Even today, the Lord speaks to the pure hearts of His people.
Encouraging words from Virginia: 
" When I saw Apostle John's videos, I could tell that the Lord is really using this man. I see hands-on how he loves and cares for the people. When you come across someone like this that the Lord is Really using, all I can say is, ' I gotta get there!'. Thank you, Man of God."

Elsie G. is a woman from Australia who can't come to our prayer line and sent this email.
It was a testimony of how she received healing from 20 yrs of depression after she heard one of my teachings . Hello, Pastor John, All my life since childhood I suffered from major depression, it was a mountain controlling my life. Something you said when I was watching one of your videos was that God can move mountains in my life. I never understood that before. So I asked Jesus to remove this mountain of depression, claiming His promise. I was on strong drugs 20 years. Nothing was working. I stopped the drugs right then and fasted and prayed 3 days and praise God I believe He has removed the depression. I have not taken the medication since. I am feeling good. 
God bless you and your work Pastor John
James 5 :16 says that the fervent prayer of a righteous man has much power. I believe this.

Michele's H. Testimony

Pastor Zavlaris, I have to give you my testimony. God has delivered me from anorexia, cancer, alcoholism, and much more. After watching this video, God convicted me of smoking cigarettes-although I have tried many, many times to quit, and have cut down considerably, I was stubbornly clinging to a few a day. I was so nervous I lit one up-a feeling of terror consumed me. I prayed to God that Jesus would deliver me, and asked that I fall ill if I try to smoke (nauseous). As I prayed, I broke the rest of the pack in half, spit up and dry heaved. I consider this to be a miracle, and I pray you continue your ministry of love and deliverance for many years to come. Praise God!
By the way, I felt very strongly this morning that there was a false idol in my home. I was led to an African necklace (I buy trinkets at thrift shops as we have been quite poor in the past), which I threw away, as I was watching this video I looked down into my lap and realized I was wearing peace sign pajamas (they were quite comfy, but they went as well! Thank you Jesus!!

Hello Apostle John,

I am from Boston, Massachusetts and recently came to the prayer line on Nov 19th and also last September. I found that the prayer was so effective, I brought in some other friends 
with me for deliverance and they were satisfied as well. I am experiencing peace and the Anointing of God has become more powerful for me. I am so blessed and thankful for you and the work you are doing for the Lord. May God continue to bless you and your staff in Jesus name

Thank you and God bless
John Louis

Debbie Mckenzie 

Testifies of receiving healing after praying along with Apostle John on his You Tube Channel,

"Thank you for your prayer. I have rec'd healing in my left thigh when you prayed against infirmity. It has been over 3 years I have had difficulty with walking due to my left knee which weakened my left thigh as well. I have rec'd prayer and healing for my knee in the past but my thigh remained weak. It was in a wasted state. You said to lay my hand where I had pain and infirmity so I laid it on my leg where it hurt the most and where it is weak. The pain left immediately. Your prayer increased the amount of muscle in my thigh and increased the strength. It happened in less than a second. I can now walk. I used to walk down the stairs one step at a time, I can walk normal now. Praise mighty Jesus. I'm looking forward to seeing you in New Jersey USA. 

Thank YOU, Jesus for your healing me."

Dear brother John!

My dearest brotherly greetings, I found You on YouTube and saw some videos. I am very happy about that! Very interesting, your work! I've never seen anything like it before. May our Lord Jesus bless You and keep You strong to bless others.
And blessings also to all Your brothers and sisters in Your ministry.

PAUL G. from Germany 

Samuel from Bronx, NY, came to our last Prayer Line full of joy wanting to testify of how the prophesy from the Lord that he received when he came to a previous Prayer Line, was fulfilled that he would receive his drivers license back so that he could work again. Glory be to God. At every Prayer Line we are eye witnesses of God's intervention.

Hello Pastor John,

When I receiving deliverance on Sunday I feel anew. I haven’t felt such peace and calm inside me since I can remember. Something always felt off and uneasy. Now I know why. The demons of Lust, Anger, Fornication, Hate, Witchcraft and Generational Curses have ruined so many of my relationships. I was into pornography big time, I fornicated with so many and I suffered with anger and hate for years.

Sometimes it calmed down but I felt it was always there. I always felt that I didn't deserve a great woman in my life. I’ve gone through 10’s of women and the longest relationship was about 9 months together. 

I always had voices telling me I would never be successful in business or finding a good godly woman that would love and honor me in the name of Jesus. 

I have a renewed and solid faith in Jesus now. I am done with religion. It has never done anything concrete to solve demonic issues. I have been given a new dawn directly by Jesus, through your abilities, Pastor John. 

I know in my mind and heart Jesus has the right woman for me and the business I want to start in Florida is coming very soon. 

My advice for anyone that is wanting deliverance: Let go, let Jesus Christ do His healing in you when you come to the prayer line of Pastor John. When he prayed for me, I felt a surge of power that shook me up. I fell twice. After I got up and only remember bits, I heard Pastor John tell me, “the debt is paid and the generational curses are gone from you and your family.”

I have never in my life felt so liberated and free. Jesus is more real than anything and He is very powerful. He is my guide and my Lord and Savior. I owe Him my life and I will raise my business in His name and give Him the Glory. Same as when I start my family. It will be because of Jesus! Not my own strength. I cannot do these without Jesus Christ. 

I am a warrior for Jesus Christ. The Lord God, the Creator has witnessed my deliverance and allegiance to Him ONLY. May all be blessed and free in Jesus’ name!

Good morning man of God,
I was in the prayer line August 27th and went through my deliverance. Before I came I use to dream about eating food in my dream, having sex in my dream and seeing myself in the village where my mother came from. I have also had miscarriages. Thank God I came for the prayer line and thank God for you. I don't have these dreams any more. I feel so much relief. God will continue to bless your ministries and continue to use you to be a blessing for his people.  
Thanks so much. Gloria M.

Dear Apostle John,

I came to your Prayer Line for deliverance on May 28th. Demons were tormenting me with bad dreams every night, keeping me from sleeping well. I was pregnant at the time and scared for my baby. After you prayed from me, the bad dreams stopped and I delivered a beautiful baby girl safely. I'm so thankful that I came for my deliverance before my baby was born. She is healthy and beautiful and I give glory to the Lord for blessing me. 
Thank you, man of God for being used so powerfully.

Cynthia W.

Dear Apostle John,

Over a year ago, I traveled from Chicago to the Prayer Line with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter’s father had abandoned us many years ago. She was always very discouraged because she didn’t have a father and she was acting troublesome in school and at home. I came to the Prayer Line in faith, using my rent money to pay for the trip to NJ. I also needed prayer and breakthrough in my own life because I had been suffering in so many ways. I had lost my job, I had no friends –people were always lying to me and using me. I was also suffering from headaches, pain and stomach cramps associated with fibroids. But immediately after Apostle John prayed for me all the pain and headaches stopped completely. And as soon as I came back home to Chicago my life changed for the better in so many ways. I came back as a newborn child. I was not stressed anymore and my life has changed for the best. My old job called 1 week after I got home and gave me my job back.
My main prayer was for my daughter who wanted a father so badly. I’m thankful Apostle John that you prayed for us. You showed my daughter the love of Christ and she still asks for you and loves you very much. About 1 month after the Prayer Line, The Lord answered my prayer in an unexpected way. I got a call from a man in Africa that I had a relationship with 13 years before. We began communicating long distance and he even began to develop a bond with my daughter over the phone. A couple of months ago, he came to the United States. We are now married and he has adopted my daughter as his own. He loves her very much and is so good with her. We couldn’t be happier. My daughter loves her new father so much and she’s now getting A’s in school. She does her homework without any trouble and loves going to school. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have come to the Prayer Line. I was so encouraged when I came home. My life was so different. I am praying for the chance to come back to the Prayer Line to give my testimony in person and to have you pray over our marriage. I thank God for blessing me and my daughter by answering our prayers.

And I thank Him for using you,


“I came to your Prayer Line last year with a prayer request about my school, after I was not successful the first time. Man of God, you prayed for me and told me the Lord said that this year was my year and everything will work out well. When I came back, I applied to the school that I was kicked out from and I was accepted back. The Lord connected me to a friend who helped me and not only did I successfully complete the course, but I was also given an award as the best student with a $100 gift certificate, which I gave to the Lord. I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me and for using you as a Man of God.”

Hi Apostle John,

I came to visit your prayer line on June 25th. What a wonderful, eye opening blessed service! After fasting last month, I asked God to help me find a good church that could pray for me and that's when I stumbled on one you videos on YouTube, I knew I had to come see you . I came to the church because I needed deliverance and breakthrough , and when you prayed for me I knew God was leading you to to help me. Since you prayed for me , I feel at peace, I feel light, happier and no anxieties, I function with ease and focus, knowing that God is directing my life. Thank you very much. I plan on coming back to the Prayer Line to receive more blessings.

God bless you, Lauren Smith  
New Jersey USA

I visited the Prayer Line and was truly blessed. I was having upper back pain and Apostle John prayed for me and said to give it three days for the pain to leave. But by the time I was ready to leave, I didn't feel the pain. I slept very well that night and I almost woke up late for work. God is still healing and delivering His people from the hands of the wicked. I will be going to the Prayer Line more often for bible study and their deliverance services....To God be all the glory   

Hello Apostle John.
God's blessings. I attended Prayer line on February 26th. I was very blessed, no anxiety and feeling peaceful. I have good news to report, my Immigration case was on appeal for almost 10 months. I had been to 4 interviews, made me sick a whole day. Now I received a letter 4 days ago saying the denial was vacated and I will receive new decision. Praise God. Thank you for prayers.Thank you and God's blessings to you.

Thank you so much, Apostle John. We were truly blessed visiting your ministry. May God bless you and your ministry more abundantly. Thank you for taking time to deliver God's children. My daughter said she felt really good and lighter. We were enjoying praising God in the car on our way back. Thank you again and God bless you.

“I truly enjoyed the service last Sunday. I was blessed. I now smell the oil of my refreshed anointing. Apostle John you spoke words of wisdom which blessed my soul immensely. Please continue your great work, the LORD willing, I will certainly be attending in the future. All praise to our Great Savior!
Richard W.
New York, USA

Chris testify amazing God's intervention in John's Zavlaris Prayer Line in Ramada Plaza Hotel in New Jersey USA.

My testimony is unique in the sense that it seems lots of bad stuff Ieft my body in advance soon after arrival at the prayer line venue in Newark, New Jersey. I live in Canada and called to book a place on the prayer line of Sunday January 8th, as soon as I got the plan to travel to the USA. I also booked a room at the Ramada Plaza Liberty Newark.
While in my hotel room I spent much time in prayer and watching many faith building deliverance and healing YouTube videos by Apostle John on Friday and Saturday night. I vomited a lot in my hotel room, for no apparent reason. I was feeling not sick but I vomited a lot of rubbish that I could not identify and that I thought as well was too much compared to what I had eaten during the day. I vomited three times on each night and I would have to jump out bed and run to the bathroom with my right palm tight against my mouth in order to avoid messing up the hotel room and furnishing.
Apostle John, thank you so much for accepting the call from God to help many people like myself. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Dear Pastor John,

I requested a Green card and I got it on the Prayer Line in USA.
When I came to the Prayer Line last year, you prayed for me and prophesied that I would have my Green Card by the end of 2016. And just this week, I received my Green Card for 10 years! My family and I have been so blessed by your ministry. This time, not only did you pray for me and my family, but you also gave us money for food and travel expenses for our ride home to Washington, DC. I first came to this Prayer Line a few years ago and received deliverance and healing. I appreciate God so much and I have such joy in my heart for how He has used Pastor John to bless me.

Thank you very much, Pastor John. 

May God continue to bless you and your ministry,
Michelle, Maryland, USA


Hello Apostle John,

 Since I came back from the December 18th Prayer Line I tossed away all of the medicine I was using for pain. And I did as you instructed me to and used the anointed handkerchief you gave me for 7 days. 

I like walking and hadn't walked in my neighborhood in months because of the pain I had. But today Glory to God my son and I walked for an hour. And it felt really good. 

I believe with my whole heart Apostle John, that when you touched me and prayed for me on the Prayer Line that the Lord gave me complete and total healing from rheumatoid arthritis.
Our wonderful amazing and great Redeemer and Lord Jesus is truly great.

Thank you and may God bless you,
Sherleen Jayson

Hello Pastor John,

My name is MaryAnn from Massachusetts. Thank you for the great work that you do rescuing souls from darkness into light. It was a pleasure to finally meet you as I had been watching your ministry via YouTube. I came to NJ on Sunday, Nov 20 believing God for healing, and deliverance from spiritual afflictions like lack, rejection, stagnation, disappointment and generational curses among others.

Here's my testimony:

The pain in my ankle joints has seized. I am now able to move without pain (though my knees still bend); and have barely used my crutch since Tuesday.

My insomnia, which I have had for almost a year is gone. 
I now sleep and wake up rested. 
And three people that I hadn't heard from in a long while, due to the rejection spirit, called me this week.

Also, I called my Mum and asked her about witchcraft in my past or in the family. She told me that my Dad's grandmother (who passed away when I was 18 yrs. old) was a traditional healer. When she said that, I remembered her rubbing some herbs on my legs and taking me outside to walk on wet grass like 4:00am daily every time I spent my holidays with her. I don't know all the details of what she or others may have done on me.

Also, I want to thank you for praying for my sister, Deborah, when I was on the prayer Line. She was given back her job as a Lecturer which she really enjoys. I thank God for answering the prayers you prayed. I know that God is faithful to do even more and more. I will keep pressing on...

Yours Sincerely, 

Adrianna from Chicago, called our office in New Jersey and gave us this amazing testimony over the phone:

“Tell Apostle John that he is someone who the Lord uses to restore lives, he restored my life and for that I will be forever grateful. He delivered me from the spirits of anger and rejection that have been with me my whole life. He saved my life. My heart belongs to him. I will be supporting this ministry monthly. If anyone deserves it, he does! I have been telling many people about your ministry and will be telling many more. I know that the Holy Spirit guided me to your Prayer Line. I cannot express in words how happy I am that I am delivered, it’s priceless!!! I plan to come back to your Prayer Line two times a year, every year just to check myself. I plan to stay blessed and not allow the enemy to damage my life again. I give thanks to Jesus for my deliverance and for using Apostle John and his Prayer line to bless my life so abundantly.

With Christ’s love, Adrianna”


Hi Papa John.

This is George B. from Pennsylvania. I want to thank you, Papa John, for praying for my son, David when we came to your Prayer Line on 8/26 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. David had been feeling strong pressure in his head because of demonic influences that tried to destroy his brain. We praise God because you prayed for him and before we left the Prayer Line the pressure in his head was totally gone. I do appreciate what you did and how the Lord used you to bless my son."

 Hello Pastor John,

First I would like to thank you for making my first prayer experience with you a very humbling one. I have never attended a prayer session like the one I attended this past Sunday August 28th. I am so glad I went. 

The whole experience was definitely an eye opener for me to really reflect on my life and understand that I need to make Jesus part of my life.

I am also thankful and happy that I attended your prayer session because I believe everything happens for a reason. I would love to attend another prayer session the next time you are here. I appreciate all that you do. 
God Bless!

Amelia testified in the Prayer Line of Liberty, “I am so happy that through this ministry I got delivered from demonic issues under the Anointing that is here. And now I bring others who need help and face challenges for their deliverance and breakthroughs.”

Dear Apostle John, 

I'm so happy for what the Lord has done in my life today! Even my friend said my eyes look happier! Jesus is so good to me; I'm excited to see the things that happen in my life now because of this deliverance from a spiritual husband. May God enrich you in every way- thank you for your papa heart toward me- even saying you want success for me.
I know we spoke briefly, and when you are able, I am sincere in my desire to speak with you about mentoring. My desire is to be where God would have me to grow in my destiny under holy leadership.

Most Sincerely, 
Shalom & God Bless you

Greetings Apostle John;

I want to thank you for your continuous prayers for people all around the world in the name of Jesus. Most of all, thank you for praying for me in the name of Jesus. I want to tell you that a series of breakthroughs are starting to happen.

My fiancé Robert and I came to your Prayer Line and you prayed for both of us and assured us that our union was from God. We came back to Ohio from New Jersey all happy and grateful to God that we were at your prayer line :). The first breakthrough is that we were obedient to your instruction in righteousness for us and we got married on August 4th, 2016 in a very small court wedding. 

The second big breakthrough is that you also prayed for my immigration issue and a pending work permit that had been delayed for 6 months. My finances had been drained from not working. Praise God, I got approved for a work permit a few days after you prayed for me and I have already received it. I believe that this will lead to my third breakthrough of my finances being freed and blessed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and pray that Jesus himself continues to cover you with His blood in your mission to serving Him.

May you and your ministry be blessed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Diane first came to our Prayer Line in June in a very weak and fragile condition, to receive prayer for healing of breast cancer. She came back to our Prayer Line yesterday to testify that when Apostle John first laid hands on her and prayed for her, she heard the Holy Spirit tell her that she needed to start eating more. She had not been able to eat because she lost her appetite. Yesterday, she testified that she has gained 6 lbs. since she was prayed for and now has her appetite back. She gives glory to the Lord and said she will continue to attend the future Prayer Lines at the Ramada Plaza Hotel because she knows that the Anointing of the Lord is here and that her healing has already begun.

Hi Pastor John, 

We have good news to tell you. Me and my husband, Charles will have a baby soon. We traveled from Canada to your Prayer Line last year and you prayed for us to receive fruit of the womb and now I am due to have our baby in August. Thank you for your prayers.

May God bless you 

Hello Pastor John,

I was at your service last Sunday in NJ with my husband. I'm sure you will remember him, he was really suffering with demonic influences and took a great deal of your time that day. I wanted to give you an update. His behavior has dramatically changed since we left your service. I would describe it as the spirit of anger has completely left him. He also hasn't complained about his health at all the past week which is a daily struggle for him. I've known him since 2009 and I've never seen him this well. 

I had tried many times to help relieve him of his suffering but would become exhausted after an hour or so. We go to church weekly and pray daily and it was just never enough to get rid of these things attached to him. We have also sought help from other priests, but no one could affect him for more than a few days. I am okay with admitting we needed help. Please know that the time committed to him was what saved him and this was not a joke. He had been suffering for so long.

Praise Jesus for the miracle of giving me my loving husband back. He's the absolute love of my life. I started noticing a huge difference in less than 2 days after leaving your service. You told me to be strong and patient and I did just that. Thank you for being the vehicle to perform such a miracle. You are loved and appreciated always in our family.

I just wanted to say thank you because you did make a difference and it's important to me that you know that.

With love, Janel


Hi my Name is Rickell. I was there at the prayer line this past Sunday. I just wanted to share my testimony. I was really going through a tough time dealing with a lot of different spirits that were trying to control my life. But now I am free in Jesus name. I thank God for deliverance I feel very light and I sleep very well at night! I am so blessed and thankful! God is a healer yes He is. All things are possible through Him. Praise His Holy name thank you Jesus!


 Dinah from Canada called our office to give the following testimony; "I live in Canada and have been trying to receive a Visa to be able to attend your Prayer Line in New Jersey for a long time and immigration keeps denying my Visa. But, thank God, distance is not a barrier in prayer. I have been going to a Bible college and not doing well in school, due to a hand injury that has kept me from taking notes and doing my school work. I didn’t think I was going to graduate. My testimony is how the Lord used Apostle John to speak to me in a dream last week just before Graduation. I dreamt that Apostle John stood in front of a big pile of folders and pulled out my college file from the bottom of the pile. In the dream, he showed me that it was my file with my name and phone number on it. After Apostle John took the file from the bottom of the pile, he placed it on the top of the pile. After that dream I found out that I passed all my courses and was able to receive my diploma at the Graduation ceremony this past weekend. I honestly didn’t think I would be graduating. But, God used Apostle John to speak to me and show me how the Lord was gracious to me and took me from the bottom of the class to the top of the class. Hallelujah! I praise the Lord for His faithfulness. And I thank you, Apostle John as you faithfully serve the people of God. My husband and I continually pray for you Man of God, asking the Lord to continue to strengthen you with an even greater Anointing. We see the power of God working in your ministry and pray that He will continue to bless you.”

Dorin traveled from Indiana, she is originally from Zambia, she came to our World Prayer Line in NJ, USA suffering from a spiritual husband who brought her bad dreams. Also, she suffered from high blood pressure and pain in her legs and waist. Many times in her sleep, demons threatened to kill her. After the Prayer Line she gave testimony of divine healing in her body and freedom from demonic afflictions. 

Praise God, Jesus is on His throne.

Woman in Indiana, who had received her healing & deliverance on our Prayer Line,  called a week ago asking the Man of God, Apostle John to prayer for her son Moses, in Zambia who had fallen and became paralyzed, he was unable to move his legs at all.  The Man of God prayed for Moses at the Bible Study last Sunday in New Jersey.  Today she called full of joy and gave this testimony: 

"Within 24 hours of Apostle John praying for my son he began to walk.  The doctors were amazed because they had seen a spot on Moses' brain and planned to do surgery on his brain.  And now the tests show that there is no more spot on Moses' brain.  I give glory to the Lord!  Thank you, Jesus. God has given the Man of God, Apostle John, a gift of healing!!! When the Man of God touches you - Jesus is touching you!


A woman, originally from Zambia, traveled from Michigan to our Prayer Line seeking God’s intervention in her struggle with an insurance company that is refusing to pay her medical expenses for eye damage she suffered in a car accident. She called and gave this encouraging testimony;

“After coming to the Prayer Line, I was able to sleep so good. I have never slept that good before. I felt so refreshed in my whole body. I told myself, 'I should make that my church. I want to come as often as I can.’

When Apostle John spoke to me and said, ' Let Jesus be your lawyer’, I believe those words were coming from Jesus Christ directly. Then when you gave me the words, “ Just pray and Fast” it encouraged me greatly.

I want to sow into this ministry because I see how I have been blessed and how others are also being blessed. I am looking forward to returning to your Prayer Line soon with more testimony of the Lord’s great work in my life.”

God bless you,


Dear Pastor John,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason that I'm writing you is to share with you my testimony and the goodness of God in my life. The last time you were in Chios Island I was in your services with my husband and my 10 year old son and you asked my husband and I why we have only one child without you knowing that we needed the fruit of the womb. For three years now we have been asking the Lord for another child but unfortunately we only had miscarriages. We were seeking the Lord and I found out that I had a generational curse from my grandmother and that the Lord wanted to deliver me from that generational curse and bless me. That day you prayed for me and said that I will conceive a child. Today we have a beautiful baby boy. I give glory to God.

 Sister Dimka Radeva.

Dear Pastor John,

One day I came upon your ministry online and I immediately called my girlfriend and showed her the services . I said to her, " We have to go. We are crying for help all the time, this may be our Chance." When I went to the service (Prayer Line) Pastor John started to touch people, I was amazed at how God can use you to do wonders with just a touch. When he called me and my friend up he touched me and said, “ You demon, she has suffered so much. Why do you suffer her?” My nose felt clogged up, like I can't breath and started to run. I asked for a tissue and slime-like things began to come out of my nose. Pastor John sent me to sit and my nose keep running and then I felt free. For five years my body has been itching all over. I could see things that caused the itches but no one else can see them. if I ate anything with crumbs and it fell on me it bites me. I could not sleep in my bed. If I rub my clothes with anything, that would ease the itching. But it was not an itch, it was biting. I went to so many dermatologist they said they see nothing. One of the doctors gave me referral to see a psychologist. I did not go back. I was always angry. I stopped talking to my friends for no reason. My life was a mess. I met men, good and bad, none ever stayed. They told me, " you are a good woman.” But still they would you leave me. Everything I tried failed so I just stopped caring anymore.

But Last night and this morning, after coming to your Prayer Line, for the first time I did not rub or feel the biting on my body. Thanks be to God. I know I have to change alot of thing in my life,I still need God’s guidance. And now I am writing to give testimony to thank God for removing the curse that was on me. And to thank you, Pastor John for your wonderful gift that God gave you that you can use to help people like me. May He bless you and may you have a very long life. 

Thank you, Amen.


Good Morning Pastor John,

This is Eleazer I attended your Prayer Line on Sunday with my daughter Natalia and her mom Jessica.

It was a great experience for me taking my Faith to the next level. I am feeling very light since I left your Service. I feel like there was something taken off my shoulders. I feel very free and the fear I had in me through out my life has gone.

Thanks very much for wonderful work you are doing and making the World a Better Place.


 Delores's Testimony. 

On December 6th, I came to the Prayer Line for deliverance and praise my Lord and Savior I was delivered. I am truly blessed and I thank you and may Jesus keep using you and your staff in a mighty mighty way. I had so many setbacks in the last couple of years with my Finances,my home, my peace, in my joy and at work. Obstacles were always getting in my way and I couldn't seem to even think when I'm at work. Sometimes, l know Satan was trying to kill me, but Thank God, He delivered me. My soul cries out, " Hallelujah", my mind is free to once again praise the Lord, ' Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus.'

Anita from Florida testifies after coming to the Prayer Line; “ I got money, a job after 5 years of not working and I received my son back.”

"Hello Apostle John, this is Anita from Florida. The reason I am calling is to testify of the amazing things the Lord has done for me since I came to your Prayer Line for Healing , Deliverance and Breakthrough a few months ago and you prayed for me. I have received miracle after miracle! Before coming, I had no money, no papers, no hope and my son was in Foster Care . After returning home from the Prayer Line someone gave me $1,000. to use to get my papers and pay my back rent. I have also been able to renew my Nursing license and have been working after not working for 5 years. And I am also very thankful that I received my young son back, who had been put into Foster Care. God is so good and I thank Him for making a way for me to come to New Jersey to receive my blessings. I will be coming in January to give my testimony in person. Thank you and may God bless you and your ministry,


My name is Christophe, 

I came for Prayer Line January 25th, from Buffalo New York. Pastor John prayed for me, but I did not fall down or shake. I knew that I had few issues in my life. The devil destroyed a business I had two days after the prayer line, guess what i did not stop watching and praying through videos from Pastor John. I continue battling with a lot of negativities from my friends who questioned my motive of going to prayer line. I had a high belief that the breakthrough will come but I did not know when. Guess what, God did respond to my prayer. He gave me a good job, I will be making more money than the jobs I had previously. I will advise brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus not to give up to pray. If you do not fall down while pastor is praying, for some people healing comes immediately for other it is progressive, Stay prayerful because break in prayer allows the devil to try to enter. Thank you pastor, I will give more wonderful testimony with the breakthrough God is preparing for me.

Hi, Apostle John.

I pray God will continue to bless you. We are very happy that when we visited your Prayer Line on October 18th we got big blessings. I had a problem with anger and unforgiveness towards my wife, and now I have no anger anymore, I love her and forgive her. I am very good with her. My wife is also doing much better. She received the words you gave her and said that you are a strong man of God. You also gave me the word that someone in my family was worshipping idols. At the time I didn’t know who it was. But after we came home, I had a dream and saw one of my uncles back home in Africa worshipping idols. We are so thankful for the opportunity to come to your Prayer Line. We believe what you had told us, that the restoration of our marriage began when we were at the Prayer Line and that the Lord is taking us to a new level of Christianity. God bless you, Apostle John.”

Keith & Amanda
Colorado/ South Sudan


Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome.

Christina was a little girl that the doctors did not give too many hopes because she was suffering from Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome an illness with many different symptoms that indicate kidney damage. Also this little girl was receiving cortisone injections for 11 months prior to her mother seeking gods intervention. 

And after prayer God revealed her our web page on the Internet. Then one day I received a phone call from Mrs Angelova, the mother of Christina asking me to visit them and pray for their daughter. As I was praying to the Lord I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and minister healing to this beautiful child. And I went believing that she will be healed. Few weeks ago I received another phone call from the mother of the child and I was told that Christina is well and that she is going also to school now.

I give glory to God for this miracle. Jesus is Alive.

Hi Apostle John,

I Attended your prayer line this week. Below is my picture for your reference. You prayed for me regarding deliverance from fear and I also asked you to pray for my breathing problem and claustrophobia in aeroplanes and different places. I am already feeling much better with my breathing problem. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am going to travelling to North Carolina. Please continue pray for me.

Thank you


Dear Apostle John, 

Your Ministry is great. I had a dream just before your wife passed away that the Lord used you So Greatly. And in my dream you Touched my Hand so I Began to pray for people. I must say,” thank you”. Also, since I came to the Crowne Plaza and you prayed for me I began to see change on my Job. Thank you To Jesus. Amen. All my family send their Love for you. 

God bless you and your Ministry. From BVI, Raymond

Hi Apostle John
We thank you and are grateful for the Holy Spirit inspired ministry given by Apostle John Zavlaris, and the Spiritual and administrative excellence of his team. We are committed to supporting your ministry, for as long as the Lord will bless us and provide for us. We have begun to see Supernatural blessings from the very first hour we left your service, in every area of our lives. We will pray for your ministry continually and look forward to visiting Zavlaris Ministry Services again, in the very near future, if you will permit us. Signed, "Partners in Life" - Tony and Maisha - Loves - Zavlaris Ministries
Dear Pastor John 
Lydia from Philadelphia
On September 14th, I came to visit you at Crown Plaza, for deliverance. God used you to set me free from spiritual husband torment, that I suffered with for years. I pray for you everyday for using you here in the U.S. to set his children free. God bless you and your team, I can sleep now ooooooh yes I can sleep thank you Master JESUS.

Hi Apostle John,

My name is Isha, I was in your service last Sunday Sept 20th..since I left your prayer line on Sunday. My home has been so happy and I am feeling so blessed. thank you for being a great man.

Isha from Minnesota.

Dear Apostle John

First of all let me take this opportunity to thank u for praying and delivering my grand daughter the last time we were there at the Crown plaza in NJ 'May God bless u for the wonderful work u are doing thru our LORD Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jenneh

Thank You for your kindness and I am writing to let you know I am back home safely. I enjoyed the service, learned a lot and a lot came to light. Thanks also for the book, this is an inspiration and yes life is a warfare.

Perhaps we will meet again if it is God's will. It was a pleasure to meet a true man of God that labors in love and I am proud of you that God is still using somebody. Keep me in prayer and I do pray God will bless you and your ministry and the newness He has for it and you. Be encouraged

God Bless you

Dr. Oscar

Dear Apostle, 

my name is Elizabeth from Atlanta GA. I was at the prayer line on August 16th. I want to testify to the Glory of God. When i returned back home the spirit of fear, insomnia, anxiety & worry is gone & i will say it to the Glory of God that the God who has began a good work in my life & body will complete my total deliverance for His Glory.

My thanks also go to the man of God & his helpers to make this ministry available for people like me. May God richly bless you all in Jesus name! Peace (Shalom)


Dear Servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,Good morning!

My name is Mary. I live in Missouri State. I was at the prayer line last Sunday, August 16th, and I was tremendously blessed. I am delighted to send this message to praise the Lord for setting me free and give me abundant peace. I am coming back very soon to give out my full testimony to the Glory of the Lord.I pray that God should watch over your Ministry and the life of all the Ministers. 

In Jesus Name.Mary

"Visitors testify what the Lord has done in their life"

Dear Pastor John, my name is S.............., my family and I came to your ministry on August 16th. The Lord delivered me from a spirit of witchcraft and delivered my son from a demonic spirit that manifested as satan. I'm writing to because my family and I would love to move to be apart of your ministry. Many years ago the Lord showed me that I had the call and I've searched high and low for someone to mentor that call. My family and I have been through so many, many things but the Lord has always seen us through. I knew that it was demonic forces holding us back but no one would pray that the bondage would be broken until we came to the prayer line of liberty. We just want to do God's will for our lives. I already see a difference in my son, he's suffered so much in his young life. The devil tried killing him at birth as well as myself.I know God has a great plan for my family, we would love to be apart of the ministry and help anyway we can. God Bless you all.

Hi Pastor John, 

Greetings from Canada Vancouver,in Jesus Name. My wife Isabel and me we visited your ministry on Sunday June 14th, we thank God for heavenly touch since you prayed for us our life has been changed completely we are more closer than before in our marriage, my wife she was always having nightmares now she sleep like a baby, no more nightmare we thank God Almighty for your life, and we love to be a partner of your ministry. and next year we will be coming again to NJ with our Children, for prayer line. May God continue to bless you and your Family in Jesus name.

Thanks Massamba and Family

Pastor John

I am thankful for being able to come to the prayer line with my sister. Before coming to the prayer line I had struggled with pornography and lust really bad. It was affecting my life and relationships. I felt so guilty and condemnation was normal to me at the time for the sins I was committing over and over. But since the prayer line experience on May 24th, I have not had one desire or urge to watch pornography. I feel free!!!! Praise God! Before coming I faced some opposition from the enemy (spiritual attacks) and from some friends but I was so determined to come to the prayer line that NOTHING was going to stop me. I have hope! I have peace! I have freedom! I can smile! I can dance! And I can praise my God in a new level now! Praise God!  God bless you Pastor John. You are a real and true man of God! Glory to God!--Livin' 4 Him--

Dear Apostle John

When I came to your prayer meeting in April my heart was full of hurt and anger, my body was under spiritual attack. When Pastor John prayed for me I began to feel the healing from spiritual attacks, then he prayed for me a second time this time I was set free from past hurts, now my heart is whole with love and compassion. The caring for others and wanting to do right is new in me. To have real love of Jesus is so amazing. Thank you so much for your prayers and praying for God to Continue to bless you all in doing the Great work of God.

Hello Pastor John,
I wanna thank you for last Sunday service. I am the man who was sitting on the right side row with a suit jacket and a jeans from Cameroon. I am writing you to tell you that the yoke has been lifted. Now I have a purpose and I know what I want to do with my life. Glory be to God thanks to Jesus I am made free. Now that the yoke has been lifted, the enemy comes and shows me all the years that I have wasted through lust and chasing shadows to torment me. But i believe in God when he says he is going to give me back the years the enemy has eaten up.
I am mainly writing you because I want to fast with you every Friday. 
Thank you for your work and May God continue to strengthen you to care for His people.
Brother Hervé from Canada.
Dear Apostle John and the ministry
First all the Glory /Honor and Adoration goes back to God.
I come to prayer line with my husband and daughter; to seek God’s face for healing and deliverance with the problem of miscarriages which brought a fibroid tumor in my womb. The miscarriages happened every two years the same time the exact month since 2012 especially the beginning of the year. I went to (10 doctors) for this problem, who gave me different diagnoses because they couldn't see any baby in the womb but strange substance and a fibroid tumor. At the end of the day they would suggest surgery to remove the substance they saw in the womb. After much prayer and reading the word of God I realized that this problem was not ordinary but spiritual from the Kingdom of darkness. And going through surgery would be a temporary solution. I had a opportunity to come to New Jersey for prayer line by Pastor John; I received my deliverance healing and blessing. Went back home in faith that God has restored me; the following week the exact day and time I received my deliverance that strange substance in my womb, that doctors would not find out what it was, come out with no surgery or pain medication. In addition the Fibroid tumor is continuing to shrink!!!!!!
Thank you Jesus.
Dear man of GOD,
I want to thank the almighty God for this ministry. The Lord touched me when I came to this ministry for deliverance. Indeed God used his servant Apostle John to pray for me and through that I felt the power of God and my body became very lite and my eyes were opened it felt as if it was morning and I just woke up that was how I felt after the prayers and when I was on my  fight home I was so happy in my heart I was so filled with the Holy Spirit that I couldn't not stop singing praises to God and I found myself praying for the people sitting next to me that God will deliver them like he did for me. My love for God is so real it has been renewed. I can feel his love all over me. When I got home I was able to read my bible and pray again. This was the bible verse the Lord gave me when I got home Joshua 24:17 "For the LORD our God, he it is that brought us up and our fathers out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage, and which did those great signs in our sight, and preserved us in all the way wherein we went, and among all the people through whom we passed." Apostle John I'm a part of your ministry God have sent you to me. I bless you and your team what a wonderful group to be with. i love you all.  Thanks Josephine 
Hi Pastor John 
I am writing this email just to testify to the goodness of the Lord, what God has done in my life this year. I came on the prayer line with the problem of miscarriage, I went through miscarriages twice in a row it was heart breaking ..when u prayed for me that day, I remember u told me go and u will receive in Jesus name. I went back home to Maryland in February I became pregnant and everything went well ...I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the first of November her name is Caroline. I give God all the glory....I will make an appointment to come and give my testimony soon. God bless u and the whole team.
Dear Apostle John,
After I sent my last email two hours ago, I called one of my friends and shared my testimony and she said she will be calling to connect with your ministry to visit you very soon. By the way, I found the pain around my neck and back are gone, just to let you know.
Thank GOD and thank you!
Gods Blessings,
Greetings in the name of Jesus. 
This is N.......... I visited your prayer line last Sunday the 22nd of Febuary. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I just wanted to say hello and testify of the changes that have occured in my life. For many years it was very difficult to read the Bible, but now after my deliverance it has become quite easier to open it and spend time reading it. I am much more at peace with myself and sleep better than before. I want you to know that it was a wonderful experience at your service, nothing feels as good as being set free from the powers of darkness. I wish everyone many blessings and I look forward to visiting sometime in the future. God bless everyone.
Dear Pastor John,
I am sending this email in regards to what the Almighty God did for me. For several years now I have been attacked by a spiritual husband, having terrible dreams and a lot of set backs in progress. Also I had a uterine fibroid which I recently decided to go through surgical procedure for the removal. Until I came to New Jersey on sept. 7th to the Prayer Line of Liberty. God used Pastor John Zalvaris to deliver me from this evil spirit and healed me from the fibroid. I just had an ultrasound done 4 days ago, the fibroid is no where to be found; Praise be to God almighty. I thank God for His Glorious Splendor of His Majesty and Wondrous works. Thank you Pastor John Zalvaris  for your unpaid service to humanity. Praise Jehovah.
Hello. My name is Liz. 
I was battling from many personal problems. My heart was broken and everything seemed to be going wrong. I decided to follow Jesus and I knew my calling was to be a singer. After I gave my life to Jesus I noticed everything around me was falling apart, the devil was trying to win me back. School was getting impossible, a guy I thought loved me ended up breaking my heart and my long time best friend back stabbed me. Just when I couldn't take it anymore I cried out to God and asked him for peace and deliverance regarding my personal problems. A couple months before I went to see Pastor John Zavlaris, I received a prophecy saying I need to stay close to God and let go of those bad people in my life.. Then I will surely be blessed and become a living testimony for the youth in my church. When my church announced the arrival of John Zavlaris ministries, I was a little bit skeptical... I've never met anyone who could cast out demons.. I decided to go anyways because I felt the holy spirit tugging at my heart to go. When I finally mustered up the courage to go join the prayer line, I was terrified of what people might think. I started praying and I knew then God will work in my life. As soon as Pastor John touched me, I felt weak and I fainted. It felt as though I took a sigh of relief.. I lost all consciousness but then I was picked back up and I knew Pastor John could sense my fear. He told me to not be afraid and when he touched me again I fell to the floor and I felt so much peace. It was as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders! I was delivered. I can now smile genuinely with no more worries about tomorrow. I will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and where he goes, I will go... Where he stays I will stay. Where he moves I will move. I will follow you, God. For the rest of my life.
Hallelujah, praise be to God.
I am writing to testify of what Jesus has done for me and my husband. My name is Marvet and my husband name is Mark. We came there on February,15th. My husband and I are one of the couples that came with the group from Florida. Apostle John called our group up for prayer, while in the prayer line he touched my head and all I know I was spinning I heard him say" who are you?" then I heard a grunt within me. I fell and then I heard you are free. My husband was set free too, Apostle John told him peace and told him to say Jesus is Landlord in our home. Apostle John had prophecy that we have arguments with each other in our home. Now we have peace with each other we are more tender with one other. My husband says he feels peace all over him. One more miracle took place that day, I was bleeding for a month and a half straight heavy bleeding night and day. Since I got my deliverance it has stop. Glory be to God. Thank you Apostle John Zavlaris and your staff for the marvelous work God is using you all to do. May God continue to increase the anointing on Apostle John. God bless you all.
Hi Pastor John
Hi, thank you so much for praying for me. I have no one in this world except for Jesus. I was adopted when I was a baby never knew my real parents. I was raised by my foster parents. Only my foster mom was very nice to me but she has passed away last year. I have lots of allergies which are getting better since you prayed for me. I also have very low hemoglobin count. And since I do not know my real parents it is very difficult for the doctors to get my past medical history. I am so happy that I had a chance to meet you, and most of all very lucky to be touched by Your Holy Hands those Hands are straight from Jesus Christ And The Holy Spirit. I am a true believer of Christ. God Bless.
Dear Apostle John
My family visited your ministry on Sunday December 28. You prayed for my daughter, a dentistry student who had lost very expensive equipment. The equipment could not be accounted for since October 2014. Yesterday she went in to check and they told her she would have to pay because the equipment was still missing. Today she went back ready do pay and they told her that the equipment had mysteriously appeared. It's a very strange story. They cannot explain it, and we cannot explain it. Thank you Jesus. We remember your words when you said she should not worry, it will be well with her. So we begin a brand new year with a joyful Good Morning.
Good morning Apostle John,
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. As I write this testimony, my eyes are filled with tears because of the goodness and peace I have found in my heart since I visited your ministry last year July. I don't have enough words to say but I will forever be so thankful. Prior to my visit, my hair refused to grow for many years, I also had a spot on the middle of my hair that was very short and couldn't grow for over 6 years. I wondered that since I've been a "good" Christian all my life (always attending church) though I didn't read my bible daily because I just didn't know how to or anytime I read it, it just seemed like an ordinary book to me telling me stories. 

On one faithful day when more problems came my way (restlessness, tired all the time, painful cramps, hair loss, seeking the fruit of the womb and no peace of heart) I decided to fast (I said to myself, I got to give this a shot right?) That was the day a voice prompted me to check the internet I came across Apostle John's ministry in NJ and said this can't be! Then I decided to take the trip to NJ with my husband. I had the worst headache for 3 weeks prior to going that no headache medicine could stop. Apostle John prayed for me that day, he asked why I had fear. I sure did because it was my first time witnessing a deliverance being raised a Catholic all my life. After prayers I recall sleeping in my husbands arms like a baby. I have never had a peaceful sleep like that all my life that I can recall, it was peaceful and sweet! Months later, I found my hair growing, the hair that kept breaking and looked lifeless started flourishing  you couldn't even grab my hair. Now my scalp looks like a new scalp, my hair is full and healthy! The bible is the sweetest book I have ever known, it contains healing, deliverance, power, peace and everything good that comes from God. I found my peace, faith, healing, power and deliverance just through this divine ministry. I wake up in the middle of the night to pray with ease now and there's no fear because I'm ready to fire the scriptures and I know where my position and sonship with Christ is. I realized there is no special heaven for different church denominations you attend. The devil uses this illusion to trick us. If I said because I was Catholic, I couldn't come to this ministry, I don't know how much longer I could take this suffering or how many more years I would have to suffer. We are all one in Christ and there's only one Christ and one heaven, don't fall for Satan's foolish tricks and get free, free yourself from your bondage please! Thank you, thank YOU apostle John!